Katherine's Story

Chart-topping Singer/Songwriter Katherine C. H. E. grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in a house full of music. 

Singing and playing music were a part of her life from a very early age, and she developed her love of music singing around the campfire and in home-spun song circles in private homes. 

By thirteen, Katherine was writing a lot of songs, but she lacked the confidence to pursue performing. 

Not long ago, Katherine's love of music resurfaced, and she realized if she did not do it now, she probably never would; so, she dropped everything else she was doing and dedicated herself to music. 

Since that time, Katherine has performed in all the great venues in the Hamptons and many in New York City and up and down the East Coast. 

She also teaches voice and performance one-one-one and offers numerous music education programs for libraries and other educational institutions.  (For more info, click here.)

Her new album Happy Songs All Day Long shares light-hearted, uplifting songs for children and the young at heart.

On September 15, 2016, she self-released her debut album, Campfire Sessions which shot to number ONE on the Amazon Folk Album chart in two days. 

Katherine also hosts a TV show, "Music in the Hamptons." 

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