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New Song and Gesture Spreading Around the Globe

“You know that heart shape that people make with their hands?  It is like that but with two people making the heart together instead of just one.  I call it a ‘love five’ kind of like a ‘high five,’” relates C. H. E. 

Over seventy people from all the populated continents on the globe – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania – participated in her video through images and video snippets of them doing the gesture. 

“The videos came in from all over the globe,” says C. H. E.  “And, some of them were multi-continental themselves.  For instance, a Tunisian man who lives in Berlin sent a ‘Love Five’ from Chile!” 

The song’s perky, uptempo world beat and positive lyrics promote doing the love five gesture “anytime, anywhere you happen to be.”

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 A "Love Five" Around the World

The East Hampton Star, September 28, 2017

Singer/Songwriter Katherine C. H. E. announces the release of her new song and video, "Love Five" in which she will include people around the world making the loving "Love Five" gesture.

The song is a collaboration with Bakithi Kumalo, best known for his iconic bass playing on Paul Simon's Graceland album, especially on the song "You Can Call Me Al."  C. H. E. recorded the song in Kumalo's Pensylvania studio.

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Article by Christopher Walsh



Song Refers to 22 U. S. Veteran Suicides Each Day 

Katherine C. H. E.'s song and video, "22" implores Veterans, "Please don't let the enemy defeat you at home.  Never quit.  Refuse defeat" and shares the Veterans Crisis LIne phone number at the end of the video.

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Song Reminds:

“All we can do is Be the Peace & Be the Change & Be the Love” 
“Only Love conquers hate…  Only Love conquers fear” 

Katherine C. H. E.'s song, "Be the Peace" reminds us of our power and responsibility in this tumultuous, post-election time.

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