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Meet the Masonic Music Makers, November 13, 2019

 The Wamponamon Masonic Music Series continues in Sag Harbor this weekend ... on Saturday, November 23, at 8 p.m. by local singer/songwriter Katherine C.H.E. 

Katherine C.H.E. is an international chart-topping artist known for her soothing, uplifting, sultry performance style and positive lyrics. Originally from Nashville, she learned about music while jamming with friends and family after dinner and around the campfire. Her nostalgic folk album “Campfire Sessions” struck a chord with the public and hit #1 on the Amazon folk chart and #2 on their singer/songwriter chart. She will perform several of those songs at her concert...

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 Katherine C. H. E. Joins Wamponamon Masonic Singer Songwriter Music Series

Local singer/songwriter and international chart-topping artist, Katherine C. H. E. will join the Wamponamon Masonic Music Series: A Singer Songwriter Music Series at the Wamponamon Masonic Lodge in Sag Harbor on Saturday, November 23, at 8pm. 

Katherine is known for her soothing, uplifting, sultry performance style and positive lyrics. 

Originally from Nashville, TN, she learned about music jamming with friends and family after dinner and around the campfire.  Her nostalgic folk album Campfire Sessions album struck a chord with the public and hit #1...

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Katherine C. H. E. Releases  Album of Children's Music

Hamptons musician and mom releases CD of upbeat children’s music,  

Happy Songs All Day Long:  Fun & Friendly Music for Children from Good Morning to Sweet Dreams.

The album takes its listener through an entire happy day from “Good Good Morning” which touches on a bit of Spanish and French (“I love putting the sounds of different languages into little ears so that it won’t seem so ‘foreign’ later,” says C. H. E.) to “Little Guy Lullaby” which was written to soothe her own colicky baby to sleep many years ago…

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New Song and Gesture Spreading Around the Globe

“You know that heart shape that people make with their hands?  It is like that but with two people making the heart together instead of just one.  I call it a ‘love five’ kind of like a ‘high five,’” relates C. H. E. 

Over seventy people from all the populated continents on the globe – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania – participated in her video through images and video snippets of them doing the gesture. 

“The videos came in from all over the globe,” says C. H. E.  “And, some of them were multi-continental themselves.  For instance, a Tunisian man who lives in Berlin sent a ‘Love Five’ from Chile!” 

The song’s perky, uptempo world beat and positive lyrics promote doing the love five gesture “anytime, anywhere you happen to be.”

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