Flowers have a very powerfully uplifting energy.  Research has shown that exposure to flowers makes us ALL happy. 

Their energy is very high, similar to what we call Angels.  Each one offers its energy to help us align with our true, loving, healthy self.

Katherine has a very special lifelong relationship with flowers.

She created a powerful healing and self-help system around flowers she calls the Flower Archetype Success Technique (F.A.S.T.) which she uses in her coaching and healing practice.

She also invented a Flower Zodiac which reveals much about your personality based on your favorite flower and other flowers you are drawn to at any given moment.

In addition, she originated a meditation technique centered around the healing, uplifting energy of flowers:  Flower Meditation.

You can purchase flower meditations in the Store on this site.

Katherine has always felt a strong connection with flowers, and she first began to explore it in depth with several series of art photographs which she has shown in many art spaces and galleries.


If you are interested in working with Katherine for healing or coaching and/or would like to purchase any of her flower photos, please reach out through the contact page.  Katherine will be happy to hear from you, and she or a member of her team will respond very quickly.

Each of Katherine's Flower Meditations includes the flower's song. The energy matches and reinforces the uplifting message of the meditation.  Katherine channels each song directly from the flower.